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Joseph Bathanti's Overview of Black Mountain College

North Carolina Poet Laureate, Joseph Bathanti offers an intriguing overview of the history of Black Mountain College during a walking tour of the mythic campus itself.  Calling the brief but wondrous life of the college a “gorgeous, temperamental hybrid,” Bathanti reminds us that the school shouldn’t only be celebrated for its illustrious list of renowned artists, but that it should also be recognized as having produced some of our country’s most “profound innovators in education, science, social work, architecture, urban planning…and on and on.” 

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David Zwirner's "Josef and Anni and Ruth and Ray" Exhibit

"Open your eyes and see" said Josef Albers to his students at Black Mountain College in the 1930s and 1940s. Albers wanted his protegees to throw away their preconceived notions of art and approach afresh their visual aspirations. In an inaugural show at the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC, a pairing of the work by mentors Josef and Anni Albers with their students, Ruth Asawa and Ray Johnson lovingly allows us to "see" what these extraordinary artists contributed.

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