2018 Workshops

Full roster and details for the Project Connect 2018 conference workshops coming soon. Please check back periodically or stay up to date by following our News.


Keith Flynn

This workshop will focus on the history and influence of the Black Mtn. poets as seen through the prism of Charles Olson's essay, "Projective Verse," and will include analysis of the poets affiliated with BMC, as well as writing exercises and prompts that underscore their various techniques and strategies. Poets under discussion will include William Carlos Williams, Ed Dorn, Paul Blackburn, Denise Levertov, Jonathan Williams,  Robert Duncan, and Robert Creeley. The sonic architecture of poetry will be examined as well as Olson's improvisational, "open-field"  approach to composition, driven by the natural patterns of breath and the idea that every good poem must escape its cold bed on the page and live in the air. 

What Makes Art History and What Makes Art Good? Examining the 20th Century’s Deconstruction of Art

Matt & Christine Jones

In this talk, we will use Black Mountain College as a springboard for looking at the larger trend of deconstructionist art of the Twentieth Century and follow how that movement continues to inform the art world today. We will strive to find a working definition for art along with why and for whom art is made.

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